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I can't find my products

If you can't find the products you purchased, the solution can be one of the following:

1. You have used different user account or email address while purchasing


  • If you registered to our site using Facebook and made a purchase, you can find your purchased products later only using the same user account.

Solution:Make sure you use the same user account or email address which you used when you made the purchase. If you create a second user account, that user will not have the paid products.

2. The validity of the purchased products has ended

  • Access to paid products is automatically closed after the paid product has expired.

Solution: Order more time to your user account. If you think that there is a problem related to your paid products validity, use the site contact form and we will check your order

3. Your purchase has not registered to your user account

  • The products will not be activated if our site does not get an automated message of a completed payment. This situation is rare, but may happen if the payment provider has a problem in their system or the message of a completed payment has a delay from the payment provider (Like Paypal) to our site.

Solution: Log out from our site and empty your browser cache. If your ordered products won't appear to your user account after one hour from the completed payment, please contact us using the contact form.


I want to cancel my user account and remove all data related to it

You can remove your user account and the content related to it using the below methods: 

  1. Remove your user account 
  • Log in and go to main page 
  • Select "Settings"
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Delete user account"
  • Select from the next page "Delete user account"
  • You will receive a removal link to your email address (The address you provided when you registered)
  • Click the link in the email and your user account will be deleted right away. 

Please see our Privacy policy how we process user information.

Your user account will be removed automatically for example if you do not use the service in a 12 month period. You can also leave a request to remove your user data to our customer support.  Contact.