Here you may find some answers to your questions.

User accounts

  1. I lost my password.
    Request new password using this link: https://www.ajokoe.fi/en/user/password
    (Use the same email address or username which you used while registering) 
  2. My user accounts are locked, I am not able to log in.
    If you have used too many time wrong password, your account is automatically locked for 15 minutes. 
  3. How many users can use the same user account from multiple devices?
    1. You can use your user account for as many devices as you like. But the simultaneous use of logged in users with the same user account is limited to 3.


Ajokoe.fi -service offers free and paid content. You can purchase the content you need and pay with different payment methods, like Paypal or net bank. After you have paid, your products are activated automatically to your user account.

  1. Where can I find the products which I paid?
    • The paid products can be found when you log in with the same user account which you used for purchasing. For example, if you first created a user account with the registration form and then later logged in with "Facebook connect" you have two different user accounts. 
  2. I am not able to access the paid content which I just paid
    • Products are activated only after the site receives confirmation of completed payment. Because the confirmation of completed payment comes from a third party (Paypal or net bank), there may occur delays. If the activation is delayed over one hour after completed payment, and you can't find the paid content, please contact us with the site contact form and we will solve it for you. 

Ajokoe.fi -content

  • Why Ajokoe.fi -service has traffic situation practices?
    • Because the official theory test has. 
  • Why the traffic situations are photos instead of animations?
    • Practices are made using camera technology from the realistic traffic situations. The official test traffic situations are made using animations. So the images may look little bit different but the idea of the practice is same.
  • Are the questions exactly same as in the official test?
    • No. The official theory test questions in Finland are not public. You can't find anywhere exactly same questions as in the official test.