Revisions to Road Traffic Act

New Road Traffic Act entered into force on 1 June 2020.

We list here some important information related to changes.

  • The road user must anticipate the actions of other road users in order to avoid danger and harm and adapt his or her own actions accordingly to promote smooth and safe traffic.
  • The vehicle shall be handled in such a way that its engine or other equipment does not cause excessive noise, air pollution or other harm to the vehicle occupant, other road user or the environment.
  • The load on the vehicle shall be such that it cannot endanger persons, damage property, drag on the ground, fall on the road, cause discomfort or other nuisance or cause unnecessary noise.
  • The road user must remain at the scene of the accident and, as far as possible, assist the injured and otherwise participate in any action that may give rise to the accident.
  • The vehicle may only be parked or parked on the right side of the road. On a one-way road, parking is also permitted and parking is also allowed on the left side of the road. Stopping and parking on a left-hand road in an urban center is also allowed on a two-way road as long as it does not endanger or obstruct traffic.
  • Use of the hazard warning flashers on a moving vehicle is allowed: 
    • When the vehicle is stopped or parked, the hazard warning lights may be used if the vehicle has to be stopped in a place where it may present a particular danger to other traffic due to accident, damage or other reasons. The hazard warning lights may also be used on a moving vehicle to warn other road users of imminent danger.

New Road Signs

There are about 58 traffic signs renewed or changed. Check the new signs here.

Changes in winter tire use

"If the weather requires, winter tires shall be used during November, December, January, February and March."

Maximum permitted speed of the vehicle combination

Passenger car or van coupled to a trailer having a maximum mass not exceeding 750 kilograms Speed ​​limit 100km/h (before 1.6.2020 80km/h)